Micro LED Full Configuration Spectrometer

Micro LED Full Configuration Spectrometer


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Product Features Full-Area Stitching

LED diamond arrangement.

LED rectangular arrangement.

The system will first search for the complete image with rectangular arrangement

System detects and corrects stitching

5 lenses, 10 x 10 without correction

5 lenses, 10 x 10 after correction

Product Features: System Analysis Function

The current software allows selection of all images in each image set for analysis and data output.

The above image shows the output data after selecting single image analysis.

Single images can select different modes for analysis.

Choosing "Spot" in Mode allows for single point analysis and output of L, x, y, u, and Dw (dominant wavelength) values.

Choosing the Auto mode will automatically select and number all bright spots (1-1, 1-2, ..., 2-12-2, ..., 1000-900) in the entire image after stitching, making it easy to locate, analyze and output the data flow

The analysis output report of Auto automatic analysis (output in order) can also be output according to customer needs. The format is linked to the system for patching or adjusting parameters

Auto analysis output (array output) Black dots represent dark spots.

The data flow can be discussed and adjusted according to the needs. The processing time will increase or decrease depending on the amount of data

Customers can choose to analyze various measurements and statistical charts according to their needs (add or subtract as needed)

The display range of the chart can be set.

Analytical chart with the set range.

When selecting "Tristimulus (Y) heat map" in the Data menu, the measurement data can be displayed as a heat map in real time.

By selecting "Chromaticity diagram (1931)" in the Data option, real-time measurement data can be displayed as a chromaticity diagram.

By selecting "Chromaticity diagram (1976)" in the Data section, real-time measurement data can be displayed on the chromaticity diagram.

Product Specifications
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CCD pixels2248X20485328X46085328X4608
2.5 μ/pixel (1.3x magnifier)2.5 μ/pixel (Tentative)2.5 μ/pixel (Tentative)
Spectral data380mm-780mmN/AN/A
±2%±2% (0.1 cd/m2 – )±2% (0.1 cd/m2 – )
±2%±3% (0.01cd/m2)±3% (0.01cd/m2)
±0.002 (0.1cd/m2 – )±0.003 (0.1cd/m2 – )N/A
±0.00035-1 (0.1cd/m2 – )±0.007 (0.1cd/m2 – )N/A
Chromaticity repeatability±0.005Chromaticity: 0.002N/A
Measurement time.Up to 10 seconds (depending on the measurement conditions)Up to 3 seconds (depending on the measurement conditions)Up to 3 seconds (depending on the measurement conditions)
Specifications of
the moving platform
X: 400mm; Repeatability: +/- 1μm; Resolution: 0.1μm; Motor: Optical scale + stepper servo
Y: 500mm; Repeatability: +/- Tum (the value of Tum is not specified); Resolution: 0.1u; Motor: Optical scale + stepper servo
Z: 400mm; Repeatability: +/- Turns (the value of Turns is not specified); Resolution: 0.1um; Motor: Servo + brake
Granite anti-vibration base.
Platform size.1100mm×1100mmX2100mm
Safety protection.Limit SensorSoftware limit + hardware limit
Emergency stopSelf-made emergency stop switching device
Door protection interlockPlug-in safety switch
Other itemsJigL-shaped jig, can add heat dissipation module and vacuum suction cup
Machine dimensions1100mm X 1100mmX 2100mm
Power supply requirementsSingle-phase 220V
Air pressure requirements4-6 KG
Total weight of the equipment900KG
Equipment photo

Equipment external photo

Equipment internal photo