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Sunjsong Technology Co., Ltd. provides you with the most advanced technology and highest quality service to meet your needs. With professional knowledge and rich experience, the company assists customers in achieving their requirements in factory automation, system integration, and display optical characteristics measurement.

In the field of Industry 4.0, Sunjsong provides display optical characteristics measurement as the core technology, with advanced optical measuring instruments and software to provide customers with the highest quality measuring services, thus ensuring product quality and performance. In addition, the company can also perform system integration according to customer requirements to achieve manufacturing process automation, improve production efficiency, and product quality.
As a company dedicated to Industry 4.0, Sunjsong Technology Co., Ltd. also has advantages in factory automation. The company has a professional team of engineers and advanced technology to provide customers with the best automation solutions, achieving factory intelligence and digital transformation, improving production efficiency, reducing costs, and improving product quality. With advanced technology and a professional team, the company can provide customers with the best measuring services, system integration, and factory automation solutions. The company adheres to the core values of “professionalism, integrity, innovation, and pragmatism,” with customers at the center, committed to creating value for customers and achieving win-win outcomes.

Industrial IoT Information


Production line information integration system

ESM equipment monitoring system information

Measurement of optical
characteristics of displays

Micro LED Full Configuration Spectrometer


Automation Equipment-SAGV-900

FBT-Testing machine

Auto-packing Unloader

NG/OK Unloader and Sorter – SUTA-900-6

Cassette Loader

Cassette Unloader

Automatic Side Insertion Machine

Automatic Labeler SPL-250

UV Laser Marking Machine

Automatic Screwing Machine

Jin Shouzhi Tape Sticker -STE-100A

Fixture reflow